Feel the Karst in a sip of wine


The story of Renčel boutique wines

At the very south-western part of Slovenia, almost on the border with Italy, there’s a small karst village Dutovlje with a house that proudly carries the number 24. The house is surrounded by fertile, red karst soil, from which rich vineyards grow. There’s a family that has been living there for generations. A family with sincere love and devotion to these vineyards.

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Renčel wines, full of elegance and unique character

They say that a single bottle of Renčel's wine captures the winemaker's unique character.

Karst region

Feel the Karst in a sip of wine

Everything that ends up in a glass of wine, first begins in the vineyard. And the vineyard is taken care by the loving hands of the winemaker. 

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˝At Joško Renčel˝

˝ A wine tasting prepared by Joško Renčel is something you will never forget for the rest of your life. With the vertical of their wines".

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